C.S.S.S.A.  is a  one on one, hands-on riding school.  Welcome to our website!        

     Nestled between the Chiricahua mountains and Cochise's Stronghold, sits the Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona.  Our school location is close to Pearce, Arizona, the far south-eastern corner of the state, in high desert grassland country.  Equestrian students travel from many parts of the world, the United States, Mexico, Canada, France and Sweden, to learn, be trained, and be mentored by Ron McLoughlin, our head instructor, and C.S.S.S.A. certified instructors.   Ron McLoughlin has held 929 horse handling clinics around the world to date, teaching thousands of students a better, systematic way to accomplish their dreams.

     The Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona is a riding school.  The mission of C.S.S.S.A. is to educate riders interested in becoming professional equine instructors and to produce trainers of the highest quality in classical stoCopy_(2)_of_DSC00225_smallck seat riding. The school supports amateur through advanced riders interested in obtaining their best riding potential by offering horse and rider clinics, workshops, seminars and resident schools of varying lengths at the ranch and around the nation. The C.S.S.S.A.  programs are hands on, plus theory, and are based on the Foreman-McLoughlin system.  A 7-10 year certification program for professional instructors and trainers is available.

     The school is unique in that it is founded on the evolutionary scientific research of Monte Foreman, and his discovery of the science of foot-work and move basics.   Monte was a world famous horse scientist, filmmaker, author of horse books, master horse trainer and clinician.  Ron McLoughlin, who studied under, and worked extensively with Monte for 12 years, has kept an active research department at  the school, and, through his many clinics, continues where Monte Foreman left off.  Our vision is that the Foreman/McLoughlin system of humane riding will continue down through the centuries through the training of riders and the development of top quality horse instructors.                                         
Unfortunately, the art of 'Classical Stock Seat Riding' is not the norm.  The Classical Dressage world attempts to maintain the tested and tried training techniques of the old masters by continuing their training ideals down through the centuries. In like manner, we identify with a true master in the field of training the stock-seat horse with humane, tried and true training techniques.  There is never a 'Quick-fix' to any problem that the horse and rider might develop, but rather, there is the correct and humane way, to work with the horse while being sensitive to its capacity for understanding each training method.
The method of understanding the horse's footwork, and combining that understanding with move-basics, 'The Basic Handle', is good for any riding discipline and for any level of rider!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tres, working on the Tres Alamos Ranch
    School riders working cattle on the Horned M Ranch                 

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