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We have designated categories listed below, so you can choose what portion of our school expense curriculum 
to lend your support to....
Using the PayPal button below, you can submit a gift of your choice for either our school's horse program, 
upgrading our school facilities, or to benefit student scholarships.
(Your donation will receive a 50% donation discount on your yearly tax return!)


First, the school's horse program has many different avenues that need assistance.  We spend approximately 
$3500 per month on hay, grain, supplements, grooming supplies, and farrier services for our school horses.  
The horses are a 'huge' part of educating students, in fact, without them, the school would not exist....
They are an enormous aspect of teaching the Foreman/McLoughlin training system.

** (2019) We also need assistance for 'spreading the word' of humane and correct horse handling. This is done through Horse
Expo's, seminars and equine schools, to introduce the Monte Foreman system to the world!  We take the school's horses
and our 6 horse rig to various Expo's throughout the country, demonstrating correct horse handling methods and showing
viewers what a happy handling horse looks like!  We take our experienced students to help demonstrate,
who need motel rooms and food.  Our professional riders donate their time and energy to this program....  
The fuel and travel costs to haul to various spots in the country, the expense of having a booth at Expos, so we can
talk to prospective riders and hand out literature.
These venues all play a part in 'spreading the word,' which is desperately needed in today's world.


Secondly, the school facilities have benefited hugely over the years from our donors....some panels, 4 shelters, 
2 arena drags, de-rocking our arenas, some arena footing (that needs to be occasionally replenished), and upgrades 
and repairs to our student bunkhouse.  These all play significant roles of making the school operate efficiently.  
On-going facility upgrades ALWAYS require your gracious assistance and support!


Thirdly, there is no 'easy' way for a student to be trained in our program.  It takes years of perseverance, 
tenacity and commitment from the student.
Each student is taught in the most advantageous way possible for their personal nature and talents, but
this sometimes requires years of training and instruction, until each student makes the final 'grade' of certification.
We ask for your support and generosity to assist in this 'making' process of top equine instructors and trainers, 
to make the world a BETTER place for horses....


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Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona 
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501 (C) (3)   Tax ID:  20-0140244


       I am sending a donation to the Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona to help with
       support for C.S.S.S.A. Horse Program, facility upgrades or Student Scholarships.

         I have checked the area(s) of support that I would like to assist in:

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      Other Gift or Item of Donor's choice ____________________________________________________



       All and any gifts are tax deductible at a 50% write-off from IRS.  We thank you for your continued support and interest in supporting 
our dream of producing the future's top quality instructors!

(The Classical Stock Seat School will send you a receipt and acknowledgement for your tax records. Thank you!)




Our Scholarship Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit public charity.  It was specifically enacted in 2006 to assist students
with scholarships, and to support our school's horse program. 

It is our desire to supply financial aid to students whose goal is to achieve their certification in becoming a Classical Stock Seat
School instructors.  It takes years of hard work and long hours of commitment.
Under the McLoughlin system and through the pioneer work of Monte Foreman, we truly want this type of training and instruction
to last for generations to come.  The system has proving itself over and over again.  We know that it works, and that it makes
for a balanced, athletic happy horse and rider.

We applaude any and every effort of those who want to make this journey with us, by aiding the school with your support, and
belief in a better future for the horse....

Our Thanks!!!


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